Analysis & optimization: Be it site performance, process flow, or site traffic, I find and implement needed efficiencies.

  • Recommendations

    • 03.24.2011 "Matt played an instrumental role in inventing and producing the code that enabled our company to go from start up to successful exit and beyond! He is a developer that thinks out of the box and has the dedication and persistance to be a game changer. He would be a huge asset to any technical team!"
      — John Anderson, CTO-Partner, WorldClass Strategy
    • 03.31.2011 "Matt Pressnall would be a top-valued asset to any company wishing to hire him. He is a self motivated natural born developer. His knowledge of web technologies is extensive, and he is ROI-focused in the extreme. Matt worked for me for three years and met any challenge I threw at him - I would hire him again in an instant."
      — Bill Jeanes, Director of Technology, EducationDynamics
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  • Overview/Summary

    A developer with a penchant for entrepreneurship. I have worked at some great companies, all of which have taught me best practices for creating and keeping robust sites up and running fast no matter what the traffic is like. I have also learned best practices and techniques to make sites rise in the search engines, how to choose a winning offer for form conversion, how to measure that success, and how to generate paid traffic to sites, as well.
  • Employers

    Some of the companies where I held key technology roles.